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  • Photography Therapy

    Photography Therapy

    Photography maybe many things for many individuals, yet for me it is therapy. Yes, I said it, T H E R A P Y. It helps me deal with the inner anxiety I face on a daily basis. It allows me to take one moment and freeze it to remember that moment forever. But most

  • Road Block Tips

    Road Block Tips

    It is good when life is on high, right? That moment where everything seems to be going good. However, there are times when well you literally stare at a computer all day and realize you put 3 words to the screen. You hit a brick wall, a blank time in space where just don’t have

  • Bridal Bliss

    Bridal Bliss

    Bridal bliss at the gorgeous Big White Barn venue located in Decatur, Texas. Hair by Lacy Smart and Makeup by Madie McKenna with Rustic Rose Beauty. It was a beautiful day for this marvelous smile. Love, love working at this venue. The rustic appeal, the landscape and breathtaking views. I love working with brides and