Grab your favorite cup of coffee and join us for a little encouragement. This Blog is meant to inspire you to continue your journey. We all have a story to tell, so let’s dive in and see where the road takes us.

  • Inspiring Your True Story

    Inspiring Your True Story

    Today, I never thought I would be writing my own books much less published. However, 10+ years ago I had a dream. A dream that one day I wanted to tell my story to help others. I knew it would be hard, I knew it would be a challenge, but I didn’t let that stop

  • San Antonio Art Exhibit

    San Antonio Art Exhibit

    We are excited for the 14th Annual Distinguished Artist Veterans Exhibition. The opening reception is this Saturday November 18, 2023 at the beautiful Bihl Haus Arts located in San Antonio, Texas. Being featured as artist of the month for November is icing on the cake. Stay tuned for more updates on this upcoming event featuring

  • Photography 101

    Photography 101

    Do you have a camera that is just collecting dust? Let’s pull it out of the closet and dust it off. I love teaching inspiring photographers. There is a ton of buttons on those cameras, so let’s getting to clicking. Our photo 101 workshops are meant to be a hands on class full of encouragement