Photography 101 Basics

Hello inspiring artist,

I have been inspired by creativity my whole life, from a paint brush to a pencil and now a camera lens.  I won my 1st Art Competition when I was in the 4th grade.  I am a 34 year old stepmom, daughter, granddaughter, sister and a strong independent women who is passionate about what I love.  I have my Associate of Art degree from Wade College and I am working on my certification to become a Certified Professional Photographer.  All though I have been in photography for going on 5 years now, there is still lots to learn. To me this is one more step up  the professional ladder towards my goals.  I often dream of what it would be like to travel the world and share my talent with others. Why not, is the question I ask myself everyday, why not become inspirational to others, and share with the world the good that is still left for everyone to see.  As I wake up each day I look at the world as my playground. I think to myself what could I photograph today, what scene could I paint today, what could I teach others today.

So the idea came a few months ago to start teaching a Photography 101 Basics Class. The class will touch base on your basic digital camera skills.  It is designed to get you familiar with your digital camera and the basic functions it offers.  If you are a mommy with a camera or a student looking to learn, this class is perfect for you.  Throughout the class I will post on Instagram, what we will be learning and a photograph.  Check it out and give us some love, we love to spread the word as to us helping others learn what they love.  The class will be divided into 3 classes so you may get more of the information and more time to utilize the skills learned when we take the scheduled field trips.  Why not, why not have fun at the same time as learning a new trick to get that one perfect shot for the day.  There will be plenty to learn and much to see as I continue to share my knowledge with the community.

Are you interested in joining the Photography 101 Basics Class than email and we will send you a registration form to get you signed up.

Let us get to photographing the beauty of the world and have a blessed day!

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