Things I love

Have you ever just took in your surroundings? Really stopped and shut your beautiful eyes. What do smell? What do you hear? I smell the sweet smell of life. No matter the chaos that surrounds the world right now, gives us an opportunity to cherish the moments we experience right now.

My trip to San Antonio during New Year’s was extra special to me. One of my ultimate fav spots to visit. The beauty of the lights on the Riverwalk and the sound of the waves rolling from the Riverboats. When on the Riverwalk take in the history that surrounds it. The Historic Art Village, is just wow. There is gallery and art shops in buildings that were built in the 1800’s. If you visit, check out all the art from local artists. Support your local artists, support your local businesses. They all need it right now and the finds you will come across could put a smiles on someone’s face.

If you know me, I don’t get in front of the camera too often. I prefer capturing the world from behind my Nikon lens. This was taken in the Historic Art Village and if you haven’t walked through it, try it. I stopped to take in the site of a bride and groom getting married at the cutest little chapel in the village.

When you get the opportunity to travel, walk around your fav places, do just that. Use that time to capture more of what makes you happy, what makes life seem bright. I found this tunnel like entrance leaving the Village to head back to the Riverwalk. In all the times I have visited San Antonio, I have never seen this path. Reminds me of a fairy tale entrance. One different from the rest, but a path more intriguing. That is life. At times we face a path more intriguing than the other. Do you walk it? Do you turn back? Each of us have “Things We Love” and we should enjoy them. Enjoy the moments while they are here or we are able too.


Cheers! ~ Kayla

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