As I was traveling back from Lubbock, I stumbled onto this rest stop that was tucked away. Honestly I drove right passed it the first time, so I turned around to take a peak. This little snuggle in the rocks and mountain side had several unique features. There looked to be several rocks that individuals have spray painted when they climbed to the top of the ridge. Very quiet and a small piece of nature wrapped into one location.

This photographer just knew it had potential. While capturing the rock formations, cobb webs, and plants my hubby captured this image. Now, if you know me I don’t like being in front of the camera all too often. But to me this says “FOCUS”. In life our focus get’s lost in the midst of the fallen rocks of the world. It just might need adjusting to find that perfect image of our next road to travel.

Who does not love to travel? I love it. I love road trips, I love to fly to a new destination or the same ones to visit friends. No matter the world we live in our focus is what will get us to our end goals. My focus led me to a unique hole in a mountain side. Something told me it was time to get out, walk around and capture anything in sight. That is exactly what I did.

There are moments when capturing  the smallest detail of a subject turns on a light bulb. That leads to goals which leads to your “FOCUS” point that will get you there. If you are curious and want to learn more follow my blog post at

Hugs ~ Kayla

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