Wedding Bells

The idea of a wedding is one tradition that has such an intriguing chapter in our lives. One couple chooses a huge $50,000 budget verses the couple that attends a JP, but has just enough budget to spring for the $50 bridal boutique.

Is there a difference?

No, I believe the outcome of each path ends the same. You will be married to your best friend, the love of your life, or your soul mate. Whichever you choose to call your love, it’s all the same to, right?

Let’s dive deep into the details of a wedding…..from the rings to the table décor which are details you will remember for the next 50 years. Details are not what make the wedding my friends. It is the feeling your family and friends get when they attend your SPECIAL DAY. Yes, the feeling. All weddings have feelings. So; if you love the wedding, hate the wedding or just need to escape quickly the feelings is what will determine your next decision.

The best part of a wedding for me is the 1st look. Who doesn’t love that longevity stare as the bride walks down an aisle. The groom turns around and grins. That is the very moment that brings my heart to a happy place. In all the years I have been photographing weddings you can tell so much about a couple from the 1st look. Some brides put more thought into the 1st look than the actual ceremony itself. To me that is super sweet. Some grooms have participated in this planning and usually it turns out so romantic.

For example, I had this bride who was very particular about the 1st look. That was one of her main jobs for me as the wedding photographer, is do what the bride request. If your bride is not happy, you have done something wrong and you have T-minus 5 seconds to figure it out. With this wedding the bride wanted to do a 1st look with her hubby to be around the corner away from everyone else. Such a sweet gesture and oh my tears that roll. We get the bride and groom; eyes closed of course, backs facing one another.

  • I told the couple, take 3 steps forward.
  • Stop and I get the camera ready.
  • Now I tell the couple to turn around.

At that very moment as a photographer you have a split second to capture that 1st look. That is a very important moment that was personally requested by the bride herself. You cannot miss that opportunity. When they turned, the groom’s reaction was priceless. This couple has been together 6 years before taking the leap to get married. In that very moment nothing else existed for that couple, but the feelings.

Remember when I mentioned feelings in the beginning?

Once you done with your 1st look we move to the ceremony. Now this section of your story can get interesting. I have seen a fairy tale theme, catholic ceremony, outdoor in a vineyard to a small JP version. No matter the size, the details bring that feeling into a wedding. So let’s take it from the beginning. As a guest arrives, they will use their five senses.

  • Sense of sight, looking over the vibrant colors you have chosen for your décor.
  • Sense of hearing, the chosen music option from traditional to a harp player.
  • Sense of touch, when they go to sign the guest book, or card for the guest tree.
  • Sense of smell, those fresh cut flowers lining the aisle as they take their seats.
  • Sense of taste, when you get the opportunity to try some of the wedding cake with a glass of wine.

Your wedding becomes their experience for that day. Their senses will help them remember this day for a very long time. Each guest will always take away some aspect of the wedding differently. But everything is the same; they will have been there to help you celebrate your SPECIAL day.

Hugs ~

Kayla Jones

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