Unique Vision Release

Hello Friends,

I am so very excited to share my first coffee table book, Unique Vision. This book was designed as a sneak peek into different subjects of photography. For many this is just a photo book, but to me it one dream goal that I have been working towards since college. Once day I finally said to myself, let’s do it. Let’s just jump in feet first and see what happens. Fast forward 18 months later, the first of five books is officially printed and published. I have to say, it was a long process, but well worth the wait.

The struggle of the whole process was real. The inner pages actually came easy to put in place. Yet, the cover was my most daunting task. From one design or another, I just wasn’t feeling the choices. Till I placed one of my floral portraits from color to black & white. I have a secret compassion for the elegance of a black & white photograph.

So, as an added feature to the book, check out the appendix section. If you are wanting to learn the art of photography this is the book for you. Photography is like a fine wine, over time it improves.

On Friday December 17, 2021 was the first book launch reception. This was a great opportunity to purchase the book and have it personally signed. We had such a wonderful time filled with laughter and smiles. The evening began at Two Eighty Seven & Cowgirl Crap on the beautiful Decatur Town Square. I highly recommend checking out my good friends Kim and Amy. Their unique boutique has many gifts for all occasions.

Publisher: Bethel1808 ~ Print Company: HV Chapman & Sons ~ Thanks you to my friends, family and community. Cheers to 2022 and all the inspiring adventures to come. Stay tuned for book #2 details and the where this photographer and author will be next.

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