Photoshoot Day!

How do I prepare for a Senior Session?

This Saturday I woke and it was pouring rain. What do you do when rain shower cancels your outdoor plan for an epic senior session? I will not lie, the first thought in my head as a photographer is……what amazing photos I could get in the rain. I mean I have a super cute umbrella I could use, right? Who doesn’t. Spent the morning before the client arrives to change up the studio that offers natural light through a window/door in the lobby area.

The STUDIO ~ To the right is how I chose to setup for the session. I used a white backdrop on a stand with very simple props. In my actually studio area, I utilized a spring backdrop called, “Flower Shop”.

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This allowed me to take full advantage of the gorgeous flooring inside the studio office building.  There is so much potential when you have to be indoors for a senior session. I can utilize any object or any corner of the studio to create one of a kind sessions for my clients.

I even pulled out the “Vintage Camera” backdrop that allows a little fun in the studio. This is a great option to get clients comfortable by breaking out the vintage camera props {I am a collector, so they are real}. This gives a client from toddler to adult some freedom to let loose. After all the fun indoors, the rain let up and we broke out the umbrella. YES!! Excitement in my step as we took the session outdoors.

Here is a sneak peek from my Nikon D7500. I basically gave the client am umbrella, told her to have some fun. I captured several good images to use.

The PROCESS ~ Now, let’s take a look on how to get this photograph from the camera to the final photo for delivery. First thing, I review images in camera and narrow down my selections. Second, I pull the RAW photos into Lightroom. I go between Lightroom and Photoshop. These are my two ultimate fav programs to edit.

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I love to find out the fav colors from my clients, this helps in my editing. I use their fav colors to help stick with a palate for their overlays, digital background options or just adding sweet effects to their portrait. Take a peek at the finished image below.

I have found composite editing is very interesting and I love the creative challenge. I am finding I love watercolor and sketching. This will allow your photos to be a WOW factor upon delivery. The idea is to have your client login to their online proofing gallery and relive their session all over again. If they do, you have done your job!



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