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I want to talk a little bit about editing your photography with presets. Now, you could be a mom, amateur photographer or just a newbie to it all. So let’s give you some inspiration. No matter the experience, you can work with presets. There are many options out there for you and training in learning how to use them.

For starters, think about what program you use to edit? I prefer Photoshop & Lightroom with creative cloud. You can purchase the photography plan from adobe which comes with both for a minimal fee. Whichever program you decide to use; I am sure you will create beautiful photographs. So, how do you normally tell a difference with your editing?

Here is example A:

F4.8 | 1/25s | 58.00mm | ISO 1400 | White Balance Auto | No Flash | Nikon 7500

To help I have captured a screenshot while editing a few senior images. This image was shot outdoors at the Botanical Gardens in Colorado and edited with the Soda Pop Shop Vibrant collection. If your looking to add a pop to your photos, try presets. They allow you to do a 1 click edit to many of your photos for a quick turnaround. Although, I still love to add in a few creative touches at times to allow my photos to stand out. I settled with this preset due the skin tone I loved. This client has very fair skin tone, so finding an editing style that I just loved and didn’t wash the client out is awesome. This edit I noticed her lip color pops and her eye tone gets deeper. I was drawn to this image by using the plants as a framing option. She is not actually touching the plants, as you are not allowed too, but we gave the illusion she was. Every image you photograph grows more to your niche.

Like this image above, adding a rain effect to it. What would that do to this photo? I believe I may have to play around with some creative rain effects to try.

Think about the photo overall, from background to the subject; what you would love to add to that photo to create a story. Photography is all about stories. They allow you to share the moment with your client  as your vision comes to reality and allows you to share that reality with the world. In the last 5 years, I have noticed my photography gaining the momentum I have needed to create master pieces that my clients love.

Example B:

F4.0 | 1/250s | 18.00mm | ISO 400 | White Balance Auto | No Flash | Nikon 7500

In example B what is the first detail that draws your attention? When I was going between the three different Soda Pop Shop edits; Lifestyle, Travel and Vibrant….this is one I just couldn’t settle on just one edit preset. This image was photographed in the Botanical in Colorado. We found this nook and though it would make a creative addition to the senior session. From the bench to the different style plants and trees this photograph adds a unique feeling to her session. The vibrant of the greenery makes the smell of pine trees fill the air.

I can picture myself sitting on this bench with a good Nora Roberts book. When I walk a location, one that speaks to me..I usually stand there for a few minutes. This is my way of mentally preparing what I would like to see from the photo that will take place. Now mind you at times the setup doesn’t always work in my favor. There are those sessions where the client and the scenery, really don’t mesh together. If you have photograph portraits before you know what I mean. What do you do when this happens? I will tell you what I do. I refocus and adjust the setting to the client.

{Tip: I always carry a small book in my bag. I call this my idea book, I write down ideas of locations, sketch out ideas for future sessions. This allows me to keep the ideas flowing till they are ready to come to light.}

Example 3:

F2.0 | 1/80s | 50.00mm | ISO500 | White Balance Auto | No Flash | Nikon 7500

This is our last example using presets in Lightroom. In this photo I used the Soda Pop Shop Travel edit. This shot was created at a local Farmers Market during pumpkin season in my hometown Decatur, Texas. If you notice from the before there are a few things this preset highlights. If you notice I shot this image from between two leaf stocks and over a metal fencing. The idea was to use this as a framing for the photograph and add a unique aspect to this senior session. As you move to the center of the photograph, you see her face has a sharper ton and added color. I really liked this preset for the color tone it gave the clients lips and the deeper tone for her clothes.

To recap, using presets can make editing a whole lot faster. One thing to remember a preset is an option to help your photography stand out, give your photos a jump to that wow factor. There are many great presets available and for a list of my ultimate favs, comment below.

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