Once Upon The Ice

F6.3 | 1/60s | 230.00mm | ISO 36000 | White Balance Manuel | No Flash

Hello Friends,

Grab you favorite cup of hot coco and a comfortable sweater. This is going to be an exciting journey of capturing natures truest beauties. Snow & Ice. Today I was at home with the family editing and working on the laptop. So, what does a girl do when she has time and has her camera charged? Outside was gloomy, with a brisk chill in the air and ice hanging off the tree limbs. I sat near the living room window wondering if I would see some snow today while I had time to capture it in time. Late afternoon, I got my wish. Snow falling, grass, trees and plants covering in the fallen snowflakes. Yes, it was seriously cold outside, but I couldn’t help bundling up and heading outside. I grabbed my Nikon D7500 camera and my 18-300 mm lens to play. I call it playing around, but I believe anytime I am in photography mode I am playing. I am given a gift of opportunity to capture a unique eye of whatever I am feeling to photograph.

Once out front, I stood there frozen and watching the snowflakes fall. I than walked around to the berry tree and guess what. The snow and ice was gathering on the brittle limbs. In bundles you got to see berries with the brightest red berries just frozen in time. The photograph above was photographed at and no flash. It is fun on the days I get to just walk around with no particular place to go and no destination in mind.

F6.3  |  1/60s  | 300.00mm  |  ISO 18000  | White Balance Manual  |  No Flash

In each photograph I capture there is a significant pleasure in knowing that a viewer will have a different feeling. Have you ever just looked at an image you took. Not glance, but really looked into the image? Let me tell you what I do. I take several shots and yes sometimes of the same subject. I look though the initial photos on the camera and delete the not so favorites from the beginning. Once that is compete, I pull them up on my laptop. From there I go through them again. I only pick the very best ones to edit. Why waste time on editing for hours when you can narrow that time with family down.

These three images were my absolute favorite and the only editing on these images was a simple tone added to give it more a winter wonderland feeling. I love the brightness of the cherry red berries mixed with the ice hanging from the limbs. Anything nature or landscape has me outside enjoying the fresh air and snow falls.

F5.6 | 1/60s | 122.00mm | ISO 14400 | White Balance Manual | No Flash

After missing the snow fall of January, I had to capture something winter feeling this year. Just too bad it was more ice than snow. This photographer was happy no matter the muse. I love to capture anything with my camera. I love the feelings each photograph brings to my views. So enjoy the feeling of snuggling by a warm fire with your favorite cup of coco. Smile always!

~ Kayla Jones, Owner & Photographer

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