When I Woke This Morning

When I woke this morning, I had a feeling of intense energy to get up and accomplish everything before noon. Why? That’s me; I am a bonus mom of an 18 year old son, 16 year old daughter and 11 year old son. I am involved in many local organizations and stay in tuned into my community. I am a leader by heart and a dreamer in my soul. I wasn’t sure, but I am positive the energy level has not decreased as I arrived at the office to begin my day. Each and every day I wake in the best mood ever and always think of ways to better myself for my family. I love life, even the craziness that goes along with staying too busy. We often forget tasks when we are in a whirlwind of overbooked schedules. So this brings me to this thought blurb today.

As women in business we tend to get so wrapped up in marketing, family, community or just life in general; we forget why we started our business in the first place. Why did we start our DREAM? Was it due to a loss of job, a desire to want more of our lives, or was it so we could be a stay at home mommy to watch our children grow up. Whatever the reason maybe, we did it. We woke up one morning and said, this is the day to begin this journey. We apparently decided this is day to embark a new journey. But why, why did I think this was a road that needed to be traveled now? We as women tend to plan our lives around our families, around our husbands career or our children’s sport activities.

I heard something yesterday, “I challenge you to take 1 hour a day for 5 days for YOURSELF” ~Rachel Hollis. We have habits ladies, we have good and bad habits, but they are habits. We choose to allow ourselves to create these routines, these habits that stand in our way. Do we allow them to stand in our way of building our dream company? Do we allow these habits to foresee our future in starting that non-profit we have always wanted? Ladies, we settle, we settle with what today’s society has told us. We are women; we take care of the house, the kids, the spouse, bills and so on. We could go on and on, with the reality, do we really want to hear our lives strayed out in a list format. Oh my I am so guilty of too many list. This can be an addictive habit, but it can get to be an overwhelming habit that keeps you from seeing the big picture. The larger picture of a woman being strong, a woman having the self-motivation to start a business knowing it will create more craziness in our lives. So, we jump in feet first and begin this new chapter in our lives. If you’re anything like me, we think all directions of thoughts for this adventure we are taking. Some thoughts maybe positive, some maybe those negative thoughts telling yourself, “you can’t do this, you are not strong enough.” I will tell you a little secret, we all have felt that same way. We have all felt nervous, prayed a thousand prayers, and looked at our budget a million times, just to make sure. Why do we allow ourselves to second guess the idea of being successful? Don’t we deserve this notion of waking up to our own business? Well heck yeah ladies we do. We deserve to build our legacy, create our dream and fulfill God’s greatest blessings….being true to ourselves, loving ourselves, and knowing we have a tribe of ladies that have our back.
This I know is a little mushy, yes, it will touch some hearts, but maybe it will touch your SOUL. We need that, we need women supporting women. We need women who will stand tall for another, give a shoulder to cry on, and just be there to bounce our fabulous ideas off of. Weather your reaching for the stars ladies, or just brainstorming to yourself; you have a chance to make a difference in this world and be a role model for young women in your community. Let’s choose to embrace the journey, embrace the decision that will not only change our lives, but forever change the lives of all stay at home moms, young ladies wanting to start their own business, college students who just graduated and are at that fork in the road. Start by waking up each day with a smile, choose to take that leap of faith, the steps to set a goal and achieve it. Not just write it down, achieve the impossible and enjoy the legacy you will be leaving for your children. Think of the possibilities you could open up, just by saying, “YES” to yourself. Get those goals out, start that new business venture, and create that Legacy lady.

We have your back!

~ Kayla Jones

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