Photographer of Faith

I am a woman of Faith. I believe in a life full of joy and laughter. Life is a true blessing and should be lived to the fullest. One of my inspirations in life is to inspire other women to walk in Faith. I was not always a constant church attendee or a woman who read the bible everyday. It has taken many years to get where I am and be at the place in life that I can truly say I am happy. I often look at life like my camera lens. The smallest details in a picture is like the smallest details in life that can make a huge difference in creating a peaceful heart. I have learned to trust in GOD of all my worries, concerns, and life’s speed bumps. We all have questions if our lives if the paths we have taken are meant to be. Why not ask GOD this question? As a Professional Photographer and Graphic Designer I Thank GOD everyday for my blessings. It has not been easy to get where I am at with my career and in my personal life. As women we take on a lot. We are mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. We are care takers by heart and very emotional at times. I tend to show emotions with my clients. I am very passionate about my work. I put love and kindness into every photograph I capture. This is a wonderful life changing experience to witness. As a woman of Faith I will continue to inspire other women to keep the Faith in what they love. GOD will not let you down.

– Kayla Prock
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Decatur, Tx