Chapter 40

Photo Credit: James Prock {Assist. Photographer}

This year I turned 4o and yes, the BIG 40! Several asked, “Why are you not freaking out right now?” I say this, why would I be. I feel fabulous, I feel stronger than ever before, and I am ready to jump feet first into Chapter 40.

Let’s start with a recap of Chapter 39. It was filled with positive notions and a world of chaos. But in the midst of chaos encouragement is born. Last Fall, I prayed about of a decision to create a coffee table book. But, not just any coffee table book. There is one thing for sure; I wanted this book to inspire all ages to learn the art of photography. In the same idea I wanted to create a sneak peek to share with the world a vision of unique captures from my Nikon camera. So, the plan was set into motion and away I went. In the same notion, I just knew there was greater adventures on the horizon and headed my way.

Now in the middle of planning my first coffee table book, I received a wonderful opportunity to become a VoyageDallas content partner. This is such a huge honor to of been chosen for this amazing journey. Since joining VoyageDallas as one of their content partners life has just fell into place. I have had the opportunity to step outside my box and really dig deep into who I am as a professional photographer, business owner, mother, wife and a leader in my community. If you know me well, giving me a chance to speak can work two ways. Either you like what I say, pay forward the words of wisdom or you don’t. I can be BOLD, I can have so much candor, but I am transparent. I believe in giving you the real deal. I speak the TRUTH. If you want to check out my first ever feature with VoyageDallas click on the link below.

Let’s keep moving forward and enjoy this walk-about. Here we are in August and the book is in full motion. Peeps! This is a big deal for me and my photography business. The publisher loves the concept of the first book. Whoo! That makes me happy, happy. The book is set to release mid September, early October. YES! The thought of walking into a book store and seeing my book on the shelf or seeing it online, wow! That will be a shocker for me. This journey has been one of the greatest making chapter 40 AWESOME. The start to this new milestone is a leap of faith for me professionally and personally.

Photo Credit: James Prock {Assist. Photographer}

Look for Unique Vision to help the struggling photographer decide which area of photography they would love to pursue. It could be inspiration for the aspiring photographer who had a massive hit to their bookings and needs a jumpstart in a new direction. It may even give a homeschooler a way to get creative while virtually learning. No matter the path you are on in life, this coffee table book has you covered. Let me tell you friends, this book is just the beginning. I will give you a hint: book #2 is already in the rough draft mode and #3 is just around the corner. So, stay tuned for Unique Vision to hit he market soon and I look forward to sharing my many creative inspirations with the world.

Hugs, Kayla

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