A Little Winter Macro

I have learned many things over the years as a photographer.  The one that sticks greatly, is the Beauty in the Details.  The smallest glimpse of the natural beauty still gets me smiling.  This week’s snow storm I decided to look smaller than your usual scenery images of our beautiful courthouse or the beautiful town square.  So, I decided to focus on the tiniest details and enjoy a breath of fresh air.  As the snow and ice start to melt away, it leaves crystal gems behind that capture a unique perspective into nature.

I happen to stumble along some ice on stems and branches. The cold crunch of my steps through the snow with my Nikon D7500 in hand and the warmth from the sun I get to work. But is it really work when you love photography.

The image above was shot at F7.1 / 1/833s / 300mm / ISO 1600 with a little crop in, but natural in the colors.  I used a  55 to 300 lens with no external flash.  As I walked through the snow I found some vines on a face.

Loved seeing the ice on the limbs shining bright with many reflections of the world.  The image to the left shot at F6.3 / 1/250s / 300mm / ISO 1600.  Macro is one of my ultimate fav areas of this creative journey.  If you notice the crisp edge of the vine to match the crisp breeze that fills your lungs. On my walk I noticed many of the trees were loosing the ice and snow by the evening. But seeing what was left was magical through a lens.  As I glared through and perfected my focus I noticed small air bubbles in the icicle.

At first you may notice a reflection of  yourself and if you shift your stance you may change what you see.  Much like life, if we adjust our focus our reflection of what we think should be may turn into what is meant to be.  I feel like the tiny details are the like the chapters in our lives.  Nature seems to help develop the chapters into full on adventures.  I love snow, I love waking up to the art of snowflakes falling from the perfect sky.

Let’s continue on with the last image of today’s walk about. One of my twinkles in my eye images that I fell in love with immediately after seeing if on the computer. This image below was shot at F.8.0 / 1/1000s / 300mm / ISO 1600 and no off camera flash.

What better way to end a perfect snow week than these images like so many more to showcase what are our truest blessings are.  A creation of natural beauty that always strikes that glimmer in my eye or the sweet smile on my face.  I gives us hope that no matter the page in our story, there is always a touch of possibilities. Cheers to a wonderful year of inspiration.  Hugs ~ Kayla J.

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