Soft Opening

Hi Friends,

I wanted to let you know there is the hot new Art Gallery located in Bowie, Texas. If you are in the Wise County or Montague County area check out Upper Room Art Gallery. Let me tell you how I meet these awesome souls. A friend tagged me in a facebook post from the owner asking for local artists. I reached out to Kenny Bingham and we set up to meet in person at the gallery. At this time the gallery was still in the construction phase. The building looks so elegant with the white brick. When you walk inside you see black floors, white walls and the classic look of a true art gallery.

Let’s fast forward to install day, peeps I was a little nervous and at the same time very excited. This was going to be my first true gallery to place my images in. This was another goal of mine professionally. The first was to be an author by age 40, well I made it at 41. Like I always said, “everything happens for reasons in the time it is meant to happen.” Now, here it is another goal I can check off my list. I installed four black & white images in black artist frames. They were two 16×20 and two 16×24 images. When I got to see my space, oh man that is so unreal. My space is to the left when you walk in the main door. Right now, if you take a tour of the gallery you will actually see ten images of mine all framed and all displayed very nicely.

On Saturday, April 15th we had the soft opening. This was an evening with the gallery artists, owners, buyers as we listened to a local musician out in the back garden while sipping on wine. Such a huge turnout too, there were so many compliments to all the artists for their amazing work. I was excited to see all the talented artists and their masterpieces. Now here we go, this chapter of my professional career is going to be amazing. Filled with new adventures, stepping outside my comfort zone and sharing my creative passion with the world.

Images on exhibit at Upper Room Art Gallery in Bowie, Texas

Stay tuned for my private art exhibit coming Saturday July 9th. Visit for more info on the gallery and all the artists. While there take a peek at the beautiful town of Bowie.

Hugs ~ Kayla Jones

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